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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the park open all weather?
Yes, we are always open (see our opening times). If you are dressed warmly, it is possible to walk barefoot from 12 °C.

For what age groups is the park intended?
All ages are welcome!
Children from 3 years can usually already walk the whole route. Children up to 12 years under supervision.
Provided you have no problems walking, you can walk the route no matter what age.

Can we walk without an appointment?
Yes. Only if you would like a package you will need a reservation.

Do we have to do all the obstacles?
No, you can also walk past the obstacles.

Can we pay by card?
Yes, you can use your Maestro / EC card (no credit cards).

Are picnics allowed?
No, picnics are neither permitted in the park nor in our outdoor café area.

Should we bring a towel?
Yes, please bring a towel.

Are dogs allowed in the Barefoot Park?
No, dogs are not allowed in the Barefoot Park, but you can bring them to our outdoor café area.

Is there a parking fee?
No, parking is free.

Can we visit with a wheelchair or pram?
The park itself is not wheelchair accessible. Walking the route with a pram is very heavy and only possible, if there are enough helping hands. You can better carry your baby in a baby carrier.

How long is the walk?
At normal walking speed it takes 1.5 hours. But you can take longer if you wish to, of course.

What is the latest time that can we start the walk?
The latest admission time is 16:30 hours.

Can we get food or a drink during the walk?
No, not during your walk in the forest, but you can get drinks and food before or afterwards in our café.

Where can I leave shoes and valuables?
We have shoe racks and lockers available. Cost: € 1,-.

Are there toilets in the park?
No, not in the park, but you access the toilets in our café.

What clothes should I wear?
Sports or comfortable wear is recommended, so that you can easily roll up your trousers above the knee.

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