Your walking experience for young and old


Download our map here or watch it below

  1. Barefoot Cabin(brasserie) with nature terrace: start or end your walk with a snack, meal or drink in our atmospheric Barefoot Cabin or on our nature terrace.
  2. Entrance Barefootpark
  3. Sensory path: get to know nature with your feet 
  4. Free-range puddle: do you dare to plow through the puddles?
  5. Celtic tree horoscope: what type of tree determines your character?
  6. Obstacle courses pond: exciting obstacle courses across the pond for real daredevils!
  7. Wish circle: think about your real wishes
  8. Lovers lane: learn all about love and love couples
  9. Maze: does your big toe point you in the right direction?
  10. Avenue of quotes: come to your senses with the wise quotes
  11. Labyrinth: walk the labyrinth and come closer to yourself!
  12. Play circle: climb, clamber and test your balance!
  13. Triad: what choice do you make?
  14. Slow down circle: follow the directions to slow down completely
  15. Infinite circle: can you escape from here?
  16. Connection circle: gain insight in the connection circle
  17. Lane of stilts: can you follow the path without falling?
  18. Insect village: admire the habitat of various insects
  19. Mud pool: experience the benificial feeling of a mud bath!
  20. Celtic wheel: discover the power of nature and seasons
  21. Obelix path: jump from stone to stone!
  22. Water stairway: rinse most of the mud off your feet!
  23. Feet wash area: scrub your feet completely clean!

Prefer to skip an obstacle? Then take the path next to the obstacle. Nothing is mandatory, experience is allowed!

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