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Happy Feet 12 - 50 personen

The best barefoot school outing is adventurous, full of excitement and fun. The children get to know nature in a playful way, while feeling it with their feet. This is how they experience nature down to their toes!

Do you dare to take the challenging walk on a path of 4 kilometers? Or do the children show you something? Prefer to skip an obstacle? Don't have to!
​Enjoy the fun together. Find balance on the balance beams, create the latest fashion in the mud bath or play fun feet games together.

Rain or shine, it's always great fun, because the beautiful forest is the most beautiful parasol, most natural umbrella and super air conditioning.

This package can only be booked for schools and nurseries. And the price is for children up to 12 years old or up to group 8. For teenagers we use the adult price.

Practical information

90 minutes ( 1 hours 30 minutes )
€ 6,50
€ 4,50
12 adults
50 adults
12 children
50 children

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