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BareFootWalk Party

Have you ever walked barefoot through nature? New? Then walk through the Barefoot Park in Brunssum! Discover nature in a playful way, while feeling it with your feet. This way you can experience nature down to your toes!

Along the way you will encounter various challenges, such as the obstacle course over the pond or the maze. Prefer to skip an obstacle? No problem! You can always walk past it. Have the fun together!

Rain or shine, it's always great fun, because the beautiful forest is the most beautiful parasol, most natural umbrella and super air conditioning.

What are you going to do?
You walk the Barevoetenpad yourself with the children. At the entrance of the park you will receive a map with the route and various activities in the park. The Barefoot Park is 4 kilometers long. You walk on it for about 1.5 hours at a normal walking pace. Of course you can also take longer. The latest departure time for the walk is 4:30 PM.

After the walk there is a 'fries table' with orange juice ready for you. The chip table consists of chips and mini snacks such as chicken nuggets, frikandeltjes, bitterballen and vegetarian spring rolls. Let us know by email if there are any dietary requirements.

Bring a towel
By walking the barefoot path you get dirty about up to your knees. Therefore, wear old/sporty clothing, preferably that you can roll up to the knee. Spare clothes are recommended for smaller children. Also bring a towel and dry your bare feet at the foot wash area. At the entrance of the park there are special shoe racks for shoes and socks. You can rent a safe for valuables (costs: €1).

Adults pay entrance separately and what is consumed on the spot.

Practical information

180 minutes ( 3 hours )
€ 9,00
€ 12,25
1 adults
4 adults
4 children
14 children

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