Your walking experience for young and old


Your walking experience for young and old

Take off your shoes and socks and experience nature into your toes! The largest barefoot path in the Benelux. Barefoot Park Brunssum challenges, relaxes and lets you experience the forest with all your senses! 100% natural and healthy.

Challenge and adventure

Do you dare?

√ Exciting obstacle courses
√ Balance beams
√ Maze
√ Shelters

Fun and laughter

Do you prefer to skip an obstacle? No problem, nothing is necessary!

Walking barefoot has never been so much fun!

√ Cheerful foot games
√ Soft sand and structures
√ Mud pools

Healthy and 100% natural

Do you let nature massage your feet?

√ Beneficial mud baths
√ Structures and surfaces that stimulate your feet
√ Kneipp effect due to hot and cold surfaces

Relaxing and philosophical

Kom jij ook tot rust en bezinning?

√ Proverbs path
√ Wish tree
√ Celtic labyrinth, triad, infinite circle and slowdown circle

Active day out for young and old

The barefoot pad is suitable for anyone without mobility problems. Children from 3 years old can already walk the entire route. Take the path along the obstacle if you prefer not to take it. Everything is allowed, nothing is obligatory.

Open in all weather conditions

If its raining? No problem in the Barefoot Park! The forest canopy protects you from the worst raindrops. The soil becomes even softer, there will be more mud and you smell the healthy forest air even better! On warm days, the forest provides welcome relief. In short, it is always fine to stay in the BloteVoetenPark from 12 ° C!

Take a towel!

By walking the barefoot path you get dirty up to your knees. Therefore put on old / sporty clothing, preferably that you can roll up to the knee. Also bring a towel and dry your bare feet at the footwashing area.

Reservations onsly for arrangements.

Reservations for walking the barefoot path are not necessary. You only need to book packages in advance.

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