Discover YOUR nature!

Outdoor Wellness Evening Retreat (workshops, drinks, snacks, fruit included)

Date: Friday 13th of October, Saturday 14th of October
Time: from 18:30 uur till 23:00 h, restaurant open until 00:00 h
Place: BloteVoetenPark
Price: € 69,50 per person (early bird ticket purchase in May € 64,50 no restitution)

Relax, switch off, de-stress, let go, connect, rest & space. We all need that sometimes, right? You can find the connection with yourself, with your nature and you will experience a beautiful evening in the middle of the nature during this small-scale "Discover Your Nature" Evening Retreat.

After a joint kick-off at the fire circle you can participate in the workshops, but on this evening nothing is obligatory. You may also only relax in a beautifully lit Barefoot Park and enjoy the hot tub and sauna or the silence in the lap of Mother Nature. A short BareFoot Walk together or alone is also allowed. 

Sweat lodge workshop (1 hour, guided by Ad Hamers)

The sweat lodge workshop is one of the core activities of this evening and is supervised by a shaman/guide. The sweat lodge is a primal sauna made of woolen blankets, where we introduce ourselves, enter into an intention, let go of something and where we sing together and where we sweat a lot and listen to each other with respect. The fireman places the stones heated in the fire in the sweat lodge, causing the temperature to rise rapidly. The sweat lodge offers healing from a connection with the stones. In presence and gratitude, you can transform into what you already are in your deepest being. The shaman guides you in the process and challenges you to get to your core and stay true to yourself. He does this in a super nice ritual way with beautiful songs and associations.

Transformational Breathwork workshop (1 hour, guided by Melissa Lokhorst)

Transformational Breathwork is a connected breathing workshop that helps to access the subconscious mind, release stuck emotions and traumas, and reprogram your brain. 'Connected' means that you breathe continuously: without pauses between inhalation and exhalation. Through this connected breathing you get more air (spirit) than during normal breathing. In some cases even 2-3x more than normal. Spirit cleanses us from the inside out. The air goes to where it is needed: it is intelligent and will ensure that what is stuck is brought up without any control, so that the process of letting go is started. What makes this Transformative Breathwork so powerful is the guidance during the breathing session. By guiding you vocally, this gives you the opportunity to send breath to places where it might not intuitively go by itself. In this way we direct attention to what can be released. This can be grief, loss, pain, limiting beliefs, etc.

What do you get?

  • Joint kick-off
  • Workshop: Sweat lodge ceremony led by shaman/guide
  • Workshop: Transformational Breathwork (guided in dutch)
  • Warm-up in sauna
  • Relax in hot tub
  • Dipping or swimming in natural water
  • BareFoot Walk
  • Peace & space
  • Joint closing in the teepee tent: sharing experiences with singing & music
  • Tea, water & fruit included
  • For an additional fee of € 17.50 you can enjoy a suitably easily digestible vegan wellness menu in advance.

What do you experience?

  • Peace & space
  • Getting out of your head
  • Relaxation for your body
  • Connection with nature
  • Connection with other participants
  • Contact with your own self, your nature

Vegan wellness-menu as a starter? 

Do you want something to eat for your evening retreat? De BloteVoetenHut serves a special easily digestible vegan wellness menu at € 17.50 p.p. You may also choose a tasty dish from the menu.

Practical information

Don't forget to bring your bathrobe, slippers and towels. Swimwear is allowed. We leave everyone free in this.
Comfortable clothing and shoes are useful! A nice warm sweater and leggings or sweatpants with shoes that you can easily put on and off.
You walk with all your stuff to the roof at the workshop area in the barefoot park. Here you can put your bag away nice and dry and change.
Don't do that right away and join the opening speech first. Then make your choice in which you want to participate first. It can still be really cold in the evening so extra towels and a hat or extra warm clothing for in between and afterwards is very nice.

Book now

Only a limited number of places are available for this Outdoor Wellness Evening Retreat (full = full). Early bird tickets available from 1st of May. 

Ticket 13/10

Ticket 14/10

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