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Full Moon walk with astrological explanation

When: 9th October 2022
Time: 20:00 pm to +/- 22:30 pm
Start: BareFeetHut
Price: € 19,50 per person (including welcome with coffee / tea)
Annual ticket holders: € 17,50 per person

Experience the mystery of the full moon! Led by two guides, walk through the moonlit forest (with shoes on), experience the intense silence and admire the sight and power of the moon.

You will be welcomed with a cup of coffee or tea in the BloteVoetenHut. The two guides introduce themselves and then you go into the forest. During the walk you will receive an explanation about the astrological meaning of the moon. In addition, Full Moon is the time to let go of something and to engage in something new. Become aware, stand still, share and let go. A special experience that you will not soon forget!

The Full Moon Walk takes place in all weather conditions. So make sure you have good footwear and clothing appropriate to the weather conditions.

This time a special early edition due to the corona measurments in force. The walk also takes place in the Schutterspark instead of in the Barefoot-Forest. Watch the moon fade and the sun slowly rise and enjoy and listen to all the birds and other animals waking up and starting the day. Get up early and combine this walk with breakfast at the BloteVoetenHut. Safe within the rules and yet the moment for you and your friend. 

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Only a limited number of places are available for the Full Moon Walk (full = full). Register as soon as possible via Clearly indicate for how many people you want to book, the date and time. You will receive an email with a payment link from us to confirm your participation.

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